Zooza changes

Recently Zooza (the company that supplies the Online Entry service) has undergone a major redesign and rework.   We believe the upgrade will provide a better service to the exhibitor.    There are still maybe a few teething problems as the site is launched. So we recoomend prior to entering a show, we suggest signing up or logging into your ZOOZA account to manage your information. Once you have logged in, visit the Home page by clicking the Home option in the sidebar. This page is where you can manage your dogs, see club memberships, and view your show entries. Please check that your details in the profile are correct and thedetails of your dogs are also correct and add any new dogs that are not in your list. if you are new to zooza see our guide here

Show Printing & Online Entry

All your show printing requirements tailored to your show.

Online entry to show & events is via Zooza online entry system


A5 printed in full colour or black and white throughout

Laser Engraved Trophies & Specials

Whether its a winners award, an Official's gift or a present for someone special discuss your requirements with us.

Why you should choose us

We have over 40 years experience in showing dogs, have served on Breed Club and General show committees, so have had experience in organising and running dog shows and events.  We have owned a range of breeds which we have trained in various disciplines: tracking, agility, hospital therapy dog, coursing and our latest challenge is  our German Wirehaired Pointer - Major