Zooza changes

Recently Zooza (the company that supplies the Online Entry service) has undergone a major redesign and rework.   We believe the upgrade will provide a better service to the exhibitor.    There are still maybe a few teething problems as the site is launched. So we recoomend prior to entering a show, we suggest signing up or logging into your ZOOZA account to manage your information. Once you have logged in, visit the Home page by clicking the Home option in the sidebar. This page is where you can manage your dogs, see club memberships, and view your show entries. Please check that your details in the profile are correct and thedetails of your dogs are also correct and add any new dogs that are not in your list. if you are new to zooza see our guide here

Our Terms & Conditions

1. Enquiries or Orders will be taken via E­Mail or Post only, with at least 21 days notice for rosette orders.
2. All rosette orders MUST have a 50% Deposit of the total value of the order prior to commencement of manufacture unless specifically agreed with Arena Print beforehand. The remaining balance of the invoice must be paid on receipt of goods. Overdue account balance will incur a charge of 5% interest per month.
4. In the event of a cancelled show, event or order we retain the right to charge for work carried out.
5. No responsibility for shortages, errors or damages will be accepted unless they are reported within 24 hours of receipt of the order.
6. No responsibility for errors relating to telephone orders will be accepted unless the order is confirmed in writing prior to the commencement of the manufacture of the order
7. In the event of supplier failing to deliver we reserve to right to substitute materials.
8. All orders must be in writing and SPELLING must be checked as we cannot be held responsible for any print errors. All customer artwork must be prepared as “camera ready” black ink on white paper. It will be the responsibility of the customer to ensure that any motifs specified do not infringe copyright legislation and indemnifies Artena Print against any copyright or property infringements.
9. We reserve the right to alter prices without prior notification.
10. We reserve the right to charge extra on an order should the need arise, we will of course advise the cost in advance.
11. All printing blocks remain the property of Arena Print.
12. All measurements are approximate, descriptions and pictures are for guidance only.
13. We reserve the right to refuse an order.
14. We reserve the right to determine the most suitable method of dispatch.
Usually by Royal Mail Special Delivery or next day courier. Delivery is not included in the price.
15. This catalogue remains the property of Big Penguin Designs and no part thereof to be copied without written permission.
16. No VAT or ADMIN CHARGES to be added.