This guide will walk you through the process on how to enter a dog show using ZOOZA.

Managing your profile and dog information.

Prior to entering a show, we suggest signing up or logging into your ZOOZA account to manage your information. Once you have logged in, visit the Home page by clicking the Home option in the sidebar. This page is where you can manage your dogs, see club memberships, and view your show entries.

To add a new Dog, simply click the Add Dog button under the Dogs tab. This will bring up a guide where you can enter your dog's information. Any dogs, including Sires and Dams, that are not owned by you will be listed in the Associated Dogs tab. Filling in all of the dog's information will allow you to easily enter a dog show since some events may require certain information.

zooza new dog

Finding a dog show.

Finding the dog show you are interested in can be done in a few different ways.

  • Click the Discover option in the sidebar to search upcoming events.
  • View the Search page from the ZOOZA homepage.
  • Use a link provided by an event organizer or club.

Entering the show.

The following steps will guide you through the entry process.

  1. Begin the entry process by clicking the Enter Online Now button on the event's page.
  2. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to login or sign up. Once logged in, click the Start Registration button.zooza entry start
  3. Verify Contact Information - all fields required. Click Next when complete.zooza entry contact
  4. Select the dog or dogs from the dropdown menu that you wish to enter in the show. If you have not created your dog, click the Add New Dog button to create a new dog. When adding a new dog, fill in as much known information as possible. Click Next when complete.zooza entry dogs
  5. Select “Activities” for each dog to enter. Leave handler field empty to use your current profile information. Click Add to Cart. Repeat as many times as necessary in this popup window. Click Next when done.zooza entry activities
  6. Select eCommerce items if needed. Select the desired Option and fill in the quantity. Click Add to Cart when complete. Click Next when complete.zooza entry ecom
  7. Agree to Terms and Conditionszooza entry terms
  8. Checkout with payment details.zooza entry checkout

After your entry has been completed.

Once you have completed your entry, you will receive a confirmation email along with your receipt. If any of your dog's information is missing or needs to be updated, you can visit the Home page from the sidebar to make any updates. Changes to your dogs' information will automatically update your entry.